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Biography – From Work to Passion

Gail Yip Chuck Biography

Gail Yip-Chuck, Healer, Teacher, Life Coach, Author

Gail Yip Chuck Biography

Gail was a registered and licensed dietitian/nutritionist and food safety expert. She started her career almost 25 years ago as a weight loss counselor and teacher for a national weight loss program. During her employment she held the record for assisting the most clients reach their weight loss and weight maintenance goals.

As a registered and licensed dietitian/nutritionist, she worked with the elderly in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers for 17 years. As a registered food safety trainer and food safety expert, Gail traveled extensively across the United States as the seminar leader, teaching basic and advanced principles of food safety in the health care and hospitality industries for over 11 years.

She now practices energy healing, also known as energy medicine, spiritual teaching and life coaching. As an intuitive energy healer of light, color, sound and vibration she works with energies in the subtle bodies, chakras and meridians to remove energy blockages, open and increase energy flow, realign and balance energy fields and restore harmony.

Gail merged her former career with her new career authoring The New Life Diet: A New Way of Eating and Being – Food for the Body, Heart, Mind and Soul.  Guided by her Authentic Self she shares her messages of diet & health, total well-being, inspiration and personal transformation. It is our birthright to be peaceful, balanced and joyous, and to live life fully, harmoniously and free.