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Classes with Gail Yip Chuck - Master Healer and Teacher

The Light Body

Classes with Gail Yip Chuck, Master Healer and Spiritual Teacher

Chakra Healing is performed by using light, color, sound and/or vibration to clear, heal and open the chakras (or energy vortexes). This allows more Universal energy (life force energy or prana or chi) to enter the human energy body and nourish the physical body.

Chakra Yoga using physical exercises or yoga poses to open and increase the size of the chakras associated with the physical body, expanding the auric field and increasing the body’s ability to hold more light.

Sound Meditation using language, sound, music and Bio Pulse Technology™ for deep relaxation, stress management, healing and personal transformation.

Energy Healing using Divine Cosmic energies from Mother-Father/Father-Mother God to detoxify and purify the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies returning them to their perfection. The goal in healing is for you to also become a pure channel, a Divine spark of God.

Meridian Healing focuses on unblocking the energy channels within the body using tuning forks specifically designed by Spirit.

Entity Clearing removes detrimental and interfering astral entities (spirits) and elementals from a person, home, land, property or real estate.

The Nine Steps to Oneness and Ascension is offered as a weekend workshop or a series of classes that prepares the individual on the path of light to experience enlightenment, illumination or Samadhi.

Certified Authentic Energy Healer by learning: healing techniques from the ancient mystery schools; how to detoxify and purify the body; the principles of being an authentic healer; understanding Universal laws and truths and the codes of conduct; working with Higher Selves and God; becoming a pure crystallized channel for Divine Cosmic energies and God.

Wisdom Gathering for teaching sacred secret information.

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