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Cost of services by Gail Yip Chuck, Master Healer and Teacher

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Cost of Services

When I am contacted for services, I connect spiritually with the client’s angels, archangels, spirit guides, saints, Higher Self and God or Great Spirit, to determine if I am to be involved in facilitating a healing or service at that time and an approximate length of time needed for the consultation or service.

Communicating with one’s spirit guides and God is necessary for they know what needs to be done, the priority or sequence of the healing or service and the timing for such a meeting to occur. I am a conduit or pure channel for Divine Cosmic energies and work in the spirit realms and directly with God. As a master healer my fee is $2 per minute. 

Cost for an individual consultation is $120.
Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

Cost for a group meeting or an event varies. These can be scheduled for a private home, a place of business/corporation or a non-profit organization e.g. a yoga studio, wellness center, chiropractic office, doctors office, spiritual center, church or new thought community.
Contact us to discuss your event and to obtain a quote.
Energy Yoga Instructor™ – combines energy healing and yoga
Group meditations – sound meditations
Group healings – light, color, sound, vibration, tuning forks, crystal bowls, music
Group classes – teaching of ancient wisdom and spiritual truths
Presenting a workshop – “Healing the Body with Energy Medicine”, “The Nine Steps to Oneness and Ascension”
Consultation for an energy assessment in a work environment, office or corporation – to improve morale, communication, harmony, trust, and productivity

Leading ceremony – purification, healing, activations, soul retrieval 
Removing entities (spirits) in a home or workplace or real estate
Protection – from dark energies, black energies, psychic attack
Purifying and healing land or property (private home, real estate)