Energy Healer

Gail Yip Chuck Master Healer and Teacher

Gail Yip Chuck is a master energy healer, spiritual teacher and life coach, teacher of oneness and ascension, catalyst, energizer, activator, initiator, guardian of worlds and protector of the human race.

My birth spirit was the ancestral soul of Goddess Meru. This soul extension is approximately 65,000 years from the future and “walked-in” June 2014. She completed many tasks such as finding Lord Amaru Meru’s crystal skull, THE 13TH CRYSTAL SKULL, which represents “the collective consciousness of all the worlds and connects up the knowledge of all the sacred planets”. This information was downloaded into my energy field and was transmitted to the New Planet in September 2017, before the GREAT SHIFT into the 5th DIMENSION at the time when humanity is ready to begin a new way of living and being. Goddess Meru found and activated the Golden Sun Disc of Mu and released its energy to the world enabling humanity to absorb and utilize the cosmic gamma rays, the highest form of Light, which is needed for humanity’s transformation and ascension to the higher dimensions. She completed geomancy creating the PILLAR OF LIGHT which was used for the ascension of souls in the early waves of ascension preceding the Great Shift. The Pillar of Light is no longer active following the recent tropical storms Debbie and Cook in New Zealand and the attention is now on the ascension of all within this octave. Goddess Meru completed activations of spaceships and alien technology, created a SACRED GRID, purified ancient lands and sacred sites, ascended ancient souls to the Light of our Mother-Father God and energetically connected Lake Titicaca, Bolivia to New Zealand, the lands of Mu. Goddess Meru “walked-out” in May 2016 to protect New Zealand and reunite with Lord Amaru Meru (her twin flame). She recently “walked-in” for a few days in May 2017.

I am a channel or conduit for many beings of Light and Love including other members of the Twenty-Four Elders, Metatron, YHWH (Son of God), Mother-Father/Father-Mother God, Horus, Paradise Sons, Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara and his father Lord Amaru Meru. I am a member of the highest realms of Light and as an embodied human being I am guided by the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, including Djwhal Khul, whom I saw in physicality at headwaters in Mount Shasta, CA, USA and El Morya, whom I met in physicality while having breakfast at a local restaurant in Tampa, FL. I also met AA Uriel, known as the Angel of the Resurrection Flame, who materialized as a middle aged Caucasian man and dematerialized after our brief interaction at a local mall in Tampa, FL.

I AM a world server and work on planetary, galactic and multi-universal levels within this octave and all other octaves that lead back to God.