Energy Healing

Energy healing with Gail Yip-Chuck

Energy healing with Gail Yip Chuck, Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach, Author

Energy healing is the way of the future. It is using light, color, sound and vibration to restore balance, soothe the emotions, gain clarity of mind and it is done in a nurturing and loving way. Energy healing is simple, fast, effective and non-invasive. It can be performed for anyone anywhere in the world, for in the spirit realms we are all connected and are part of One Infinite energy that is God.

I am a pure channel for Divine Cosmic energies after healing myself of all karma, i.e. negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs that are not in alignment with Universal truths and God. This means that Divine Cosmic energies flow through me unimpeded, in maximum flow, allowing profound changes, healing and transformation.

I am a master healer and catalyst, energizer, activator and initiator and this allows healing to occur after permission is received from Higher Self and God. In the healing process the energy flows in the frequency and intensity of light, color, sound and vibration that is in the person’s highest good and the highest good for All of Life everywhere. The goal in healing is to be an awakened Divine spark of God. An energy healing session may involve:

  • spiritual (energy) healing of the auric field, chakras (energy vortexes), meridians (energy channels)
  • spiritual life coaching
  • teaching sacred wisdom and spiritual practices
  • clearing entities (spirits) from an individual or home
  • removing implants
  • reclaiming one’s energy such as releasing energy cords or attachments
  • facilitating the union of twin flames (souls having the same unique energy signature)
  • activating DNA and the human light body known as the Merkaba
  • returning to Oneness with self (enlightenment or illumination or Samadhi)
  • channeling Divine Cosmic energies to facilitate initiations
  • preparing for Resurrection and Ascension


In addition, I’ve worked on individuals with complaints or issues relating to:

  • brain and epilepsy
  • spine cord injury such as from falls and vehicle accidents
  • bone dislocation (ribs and wrist)
  • recovery from surgery such as heart valve replacement
  • steam burn on fingers and hand
  • vaccination
  • food allergy
  • foodborne illness
  • arthritis
  • cancer
  • anxiety
  • bipolar


I can be reached at (813) 810-3677 or via email at