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Entity Clearing and Protection

entity clearing and protection

Energy vortex for entity removal

Entity Clearing and Protection by Gail Yip Chuck

Gail Yip Chuck is an expert at entity clearing and protection. These unwanted, detrimental and/or interfering astral entities and elementals (spirits) can be attached to people, land, property or real estate (and Earth). She removed over 500 entities from a single person in a session, over 800 eggs or babies from another individual, cleared spirits from houses and assist in clearing entities from the human collective and planet Earth. Some of her techniques may involve using sacred geometry and asking for the assistance of Archangel Michael or she may use specific chakras to remove them from the body. Removing entities successfully requires the healer to be of a greater light and higher vibration than the entities themselves. The healer must be a clear channel for Divine energies, must be courageous and have no fear. Entity clearing is a compassionate act for the person and the perpetrator. To read more on Entity Clearing, click here for article from the Spirit of Maat. Contact Gail to discuss entity or spirit removal.