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Events with Gail Yip Chuck

Gail Yip Chuck speaking event and healings at a mosque in Trinidad, W.I.

Events with Gail Yip Chuck, Master Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Author

Gail was a guest teacher at Yoga Loft Tampa where she presented the topic, Energetic Sound Healing, as part of their Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program in 2012. She hosted and co-presented with Willaru Huayta, a Peruvian Elder and Inca spiritual messenger in 2015 at various spiritual and new age venues in Sarasota, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa, FL, USA. She co-presented the topic, Accessing the Energy of the One Within, with Janine Savient, Messenger of Love and Truth in New Zealand in 2016 and also presented The Nine Steps to Oneness and Ascension workshop at 2 venues in  Auckland, New Zealand in 2016.

Events with Gail Yip Chuck can be classes such as Chakra Healing or Chakra Yoga, workshops such as The Nine Steps to Oneness and Ascension or Going into The Heart, presentations such as How to Communicate with My Spirit Guides or How to Heal Myself with Energy Medicine, group healings, group meditations and conducting ceremony.

Other services of interest may be scheduling an energy assessment or consultation to reduce stress, improve harmony, trust, communication and productivity in the work place or corporate setting. Additional services include removing entities (spirits), protection, purifying and healing of home, land, property or real estate or co-presenting with other leaders and masters.

She is available weekdays, evenings and weekends. Contact us here.

“I would love to be of service to you, your loved ones and your community. Let’s create something for like-minded souls to come together.” – Gail