Removing Entities, “Ghosts” and Attachments

Gail Yip Chuck and Entity Removal

On 1/10/2018, I performed the following consultation for removing entities, “ghosts” and attachments.

I was contacted by an individual who wanted me to help her dear friend who seemed depressed, despondent and unmotivated to live life fully. After I received permission from the client’s Higher Self and my Higher Self (God or Source) a consultation was scheduled within the week.

On the day of the consultation, I prepared myself by clearing my spiritual bodies, removing any interference and ensured I was connected to God by constructing a pillar of Light from my energy field all the way up to Source. I also received a clear message that I would be removing entities and prepared myself for this task by protecting myself and calling in my spiritual team of protectors.

I met the person who contacted me and I followed her to the client’s home. The client appeared as an older lady who walked a bit feeble and unstable and seemed confused at times but understood I was brought there to help her feel better. She asked me “What are you here to do?” which I thought was a smart question and explained I am a spiritual healer and I work with an individual’s spiritual essence to clear, heal, realign, activate, initiate (to increase one’s vibration to a higher level) and remove any and all detrimental and interfering astral entities and elementals from within her body, from attachments on the outside of her body as well as remove entities or “ghosts” from her home.

Upon entering the client’s home I intuited there were entities in the house and so I proceeded to ask the client about the home and to identify any rooms or areas in the house she was not comfortable. The first entity or “ghost” was a lady who was most probably the previous owner of the house. She was willing to leave and I showed her the path of Light to Source and she left without incident. The client mentioned she avoids going into the front sitting room. As I stood at the entrance I began to clear the room and overheard the client say that sometimes she finds cigar ashes in that room. This second entity was male and he too left without incident once I showed him the path of Light to Source. The client identified a second room she does not enter and that room felt ominous. The entity was male but not only was he attached to that room, he was also attached to the client. As I proceeded to remove it the client’s legs shook uncontrollably and we returned to the living room so she could sit while I prepared myself to use another strategy. The client and I both realized this entity was quite “stubborn” so I added another technique using Light Language (“speaking in tongues”) and played a recording. The client was unopposed to glossolalia and in fact, stated she too “speak in tongues”.

The first time I played the recording the client reported no change. The second time I played the recording I instructed the client to talk to the entity stating it does not have permission to use her body or to stay in her home and to demand that it leave but again no change. The third time I played the recording I encouraged the client to speak her Light Language to the entity and this time it began to release its hold on her body (both her spiritual and physical). The client felt a gradual lightness moving upward from her legs to her chest and experienced an overall “relaxed” sensation, something she said she hadn’t felt in a long time.

After removing the entities from the home and the “evil” spirit that was attached to the client’s body that was draining her life force energy (known as an energy vampire), I proceeded to work on removing entities and their babies or eggs from within her body. I also cleared, healed, realigned, activated and initiated her energy field and taught her protection. The complete session lasted about an hour, after which, the client reported feeling better, she seemed optimistic and energized, she was relaxed and more at peace, she felt lighter and “free” and her friend commented that she even looked younger. I saw and felt God’s Light and Divine Love started to fill the home once again.

removing entities, ghosts and attachments

Working with God’s Light and Divine Love

As a pure channel for Divine Cosmic energies and fully connected to God or Source, I am able to provide the impetus to remove dark, “evil”, dangerous energies and return them to their space/time/dimension/home or Source. In addition, I am trained in the sacred mystery school teachings and healing techniques and bring forth healing from the Highest spiritual realm. You may read more about Entity Clearing and Protection by clicking here.

If I can be of assistance to you or someone you know and love, kindly contact me via phone, text or email. I can work with anyone and anything (home, property, real estate) anywhere in the world once permission is granted.