Welcome to Alternative Medical Healing

Welcome to the home of Alternative Medical Healing

After taking some time off for travel and adventure, rest and reorganization, I am excited and available to offer my services as a master spiritual (energy) healer, teacher and life coach to the world. As a pure crystallized channel for Divine Cosmic energies, I am a catalyst or energizer for healing, activations and initiations. All healing is an agreement between the person and God.

In addition to providing individual consultations, I am offering Chakra Healing using energy (light, color, sound and vibration) to clear, heal, open and spin the chakras or energy vortexes in perfect harmony and rhythm, Chakra Yoga using exercises or yoga poses to open and expand the chakras and auric field, Sound Meditation using language, sound, music and BioPulse Technology™ for deep relaxation, stress management, healing and personal transformation, Energy Healing using Divine Cosmic energies to detoxify and purify the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, Meridian Healing of the energy channels within the body using tuning forks designed by Spirit, classes on achieving Oneness with Self and All That Is also referred to as enlightenment, illumination or Samadhi and Ascension which is a state of higher consciousness, light and vibration.

Please take a look at my list of services by clicking on the CLASSES and EVENTS pages. I would love to bring a day of healing and my programs to your venue.I can be reached by phone at (813) 810-3677 or via email at AlternativeMedicalHealing@yahoo.com.

Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher

Stay tuned….