The New Life Diet Book

The New Life Diet Book

The New Life Diet Book: A New Way of Eating and Being – Food for the Body, Heart, Mind and Soul

My book, The New Life Diet – A New Way of Eating and Being, describes mastering self, not only your physical body but also mastering your emotions, thoughts and reevaluating your beliefs to align with Universal truths. You are a spiritual being, you are energy – light, color, sound and vibration – in a human physical body having experiences on Earth. You are a vast multi-dimensional being and you are Divine.

Earth and this physical reality were created so that you, a Divine spark of Light, can have experiences to remember your Divinity. You create your experiences and your life on Earth by exercising your power to choose; to act; to experience; to reflect and gain understanding, knowledge and wisdom; to develop and polish your character; to learn; to grow; to transcend; and start anew. (See Chapter 6 and page 44 in my book).

As you learn and grow and demonstrate good character, your Divine spark of Light will also grow and expand. In order to maintain your growing and expanding LIGHT you will need to”feed” your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with right food, right emotions, right thoughts and right beliefs. Increasing your LIGHT and maintaining your LIGHT is an on-going daily practice and way of life.

Those who become aware of the Light and work with the Light are called Light-Workers. I AM a Light-Worker and my book was written to help you become aware of the Light within you. The New Life Diet – A New Way of Eating and Being book was created from the highest spiritual realms. It is also of LIGHT that can be seen as a glow between the pages at the binding and it has a healing VIBRATION that is felt in the hands of those touching it. You are LIGHT and this Divine Light is LOVE

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